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FlitBase file handler class.


1. m_FileName
The name of the file currently handled by the class.

1. AddRecord
Add a record into FlitBase file. Untuk menambah rekod kedalam fail flitbase.
2. AddNew
Add a record into FlitBase file after assigning the next unused id to the record.
3. Create
Create a new FlitBase file.
4. Open
Open a FlitBase file.
5. OpenShared, OpenExclusive, OpenReadOnly
Open a FlitBase file with some pre-defined attributes.
6. IsOpened
Test either the file is currently opened.
7. GetTypeNextID
Gets the next id for the given type in current file.
8. GetTypeUniqueID
Returns the smallest unused id for given type.
9. GetID
Retreive the record id at given position.
10. GetNextID
Gets next id in current file regardless to record type.
11. Count
Count the records with the given type in file.
12. RemoveRecord, RemoveAt
Remove a record from FlitBase file.
13. RemoveFromList
Remove an item from a record list.
14. RemoveSubRecord
Remove a sub record.
15. AddToList
Add an item into a record list object in file.
16. ReadRecord, ReadAt
Read a record from FlitBase file.
17. ReplaceRecord, ReplaceAt
Replace an existing record in file.
18. GetType
Retrieve the record type at the given position.
19. CreateNewFolder
Create a new record folder in FlitBase file.
20. RemoveCard
Remove a card record from a FlitBase file.
21. SaveCard
Save a card record into a FlitBase file.
22. AddNewCard
Add a new card into FlitBase file.
23. FindRecord
Retrieve the required record position.
24. OnNotFound
An overidable function to be called when the requested record not found.
25. Search, SearchW
Search for the records which matched to the given text.
26. Seek, SeekW
Retrieve the position of the first record which matched to the given search text.
27. Locate, LocateW
Find a record based on a search text without using the index system.
28. ReindexAll
Recreate all index for the given record type.
29. ReplaceIndexes
Replace or renew all index key for the given record.
30. RemoveIndexes
Remove all index keys for the given record.
31. GetIndex, GetIndexW
Retrieve the index list for the given parameters.
32. Reindex, ReindexW
Recreate the index list for the given parameters.
33. Hash
Preparing the text for build-in search engine.
34. IsExisted
Test for a record existance.
35. GetPhyPos
Convert the logical postion for a record type into its physical position.
36. WriteSubRecord
Write a sub record into existed base record.
37. SaveBill
Save a bill record into a FlitBase file.
38. RemoveBill
Remove a bill type record fron a FlitBase file.
39. Defrag
Defrag a FlitBase file.
40. Zap
Clear the database content.
41. Close
Close a FlitBase file.
42. SearchAdv
Advance record search using the build in search engine system.



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